UK Financial Ombudsman Partially Upholds Complaint Against Aviva Pensions

Readers of this website may recall a previous story relating to certain Jersey Pensions run by Aviva and its failure to administer its charges correctly. The UK Financial Ombudsman has recently ruled that Aviva is entitled to take charges going back several years & that it had overlooked to take at the time, & despite the fact that the annual pension statements supplied to customers would therefore have been incorrect. The Financial Ombudsman does, however, find fault in the way that Aviva handled the issue with customers and specifically the way in which it communicated its remedial measures. You can read the adjudication here:

Faced with justified consumer complaints about the issue, it is a shame that Aviva was not a little more pragmatic at the outset and did not offer any compromise to affected clients. It has now been found wanting and has done little to inspire client loyalty.